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What People Say


"Riley's thorough and knowledgeable indexing of my Montana archaeology book definitely contributes to its overall usefulness and value for the general reader. Professional and easy to work with, Riley completed this critical task in a timely fashion as we were pushing hard toward publication. She certainly contributed to the success of the book, and I highly recommend her!"  

Carl Davis, author of 600 Generations


“Indexing is essential to the overall success of a scholarly work acting as the atlas or map that guides readers on their journey towards the information that they are looking for. Any good map needs a great cartographer, like any good scholarly work needs a great indexer--one that can get into the head of the author of the work to determine what they are thinking and how it relates to the subject matter as a whole, and also into the head of a potential reader to intuit how to clearly and logically lay out the paths to the author’s information. Dr. Riley Augé is that “cartographer.” Her indexing skills clearly and concisely deliver the tools that provide readers the directions they need in exploring an author’s work.” 

Peter Newbury, Independent Historical Scholar


"Dr. Auge's knowledge of indexing, anthropology/archaeology, magic, and more is astounding! I've never met someone who is more knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Speaking as a former student, Riley is professional, timely, honest, and most importantly, fully committed to others' success. I can guarantee that all of Riley's final products, whether it be an index or hiring her as an independent consultant, will surpass your expectations."      

Michaela Shifley, Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate, University of Montana

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