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Indexed Publications (some examples)


Six Hundred Generations: An Archaeological History of Montana, by Carl M. Davis 

Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Popular Archaeology Book Award (2020)


High Plains Book Award for Medicine and Science (2020)

Prentiss book cover.jpg

Archaeology of Households, Kinship, and Social Change, edited by Lacy B. Carpenter and Anna Marie Prentiss

Reisner book.jpg

Walking Among Pharaohs: George Reisner and the Dawn of Modern Egyptology, by Peter Der Manuelian (click on image to purchase book from

SR book cover.jpg

Sinister and Righteous: Interpreting Left and Right in the Archaeological Record, by C. Riley Auge


The Archaeology of Magic: Gender and Domestic Protection in Seventeenth-Century New England, by C. Riley Auge (click on picture to purchase book on 

Birthing the West cover.jpeg

Birthing the West: Mothers and Midwives in the Rockies and Plains, by Jennifer J. Hill

Buddhism for Today image.jpg

Buddhism for Today: The Essential Wisdom of the Threefold Lotus Sutra, by Nikkyo Niwano.

Practitioner's Guide to Public Archaeology C1.jpg

A Practitioner's Guide to Public Archaeology, edited by Elizabeth C. Reetz and Stephanie T. Sperling

Steinberg book cover.jpg

A Predictive Theory of Mental Evolution and Its Consequences, by David A. Steinberg

AugeField cover.jpg

Field Manual for the Archaeology of Ritual, Religion, and Magic, by C. Riley Auge (click on image to purchase book from

AIM cover.jpg

Archaeology in Montana Journal (1958-present)

Infrastructure book cover.jpg

Infrastructure in Archaeological Discourse: Framing Society in the Past, edited by M. Grace Ellis, Carly DeSanto, and Meghan Howey


Authored Publications

  • (Forthcoming 2023) Sinister and Righteous: Interpreting Left and Right in the Archaeological Record. Berghahn Books, New York.
  • (Forthcoming)  The Archaeology of Magical Plants. In The Material Culture of Magic, edited by Antje Bosselmann  Ruickbie and Leo Ruickbie, Brill Publishers, Leiden, Netherlands. 
  • (2022) Field Manual for the Archaeology of Ritual, Religion, and Magic. Berghahn Books, New York.
  • (2020)   Featured in “Spells, Charms, Curses, and Concealments” in American Archaeology.
  • (2020)  The Archaeology of Magic: Gender and Domestic Control in Seventeenth - Century New England. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. 
  • (2018)   Beyond the Shelf: Anthropological Collections at the University of Montana. In New Life for Old Archaeological Collections, edited by Rebecca Allen and Ben Ford, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln. 
  • (2017)  Fur Trade Artifacts at Housepit 54, Bridge River Site. In The Last House at Bridge River: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Household in British Columbia during the Fur Trade Period, edited by Anna Prentiss, University of Utah Press, Salt Lake. 
  • (2016)  Book Review. Old Man’s Playing Ground: Gaming and Trade on the Plains/Plateau Frontier (Gabriel M. Yanicki). Great Plains Research 26(2):143-144.
  • (2014)  Embedded Implication of Cultural Worldviews in the Use and Pattern of Magical Material Culture. Historical Archaeology 48(3):166-178.
  • (2011)  Book Review. Ritual, Belief and the Dead in Early Modern Britain and Ireland (Sarah Tarlow). Historical Archaeology 45(4)online.
  • (2011)   The Hoodoo that You Do:  The Material Culture of Gendered Magic as Risk Management Mechanisms. In Live Evil: Magic and Men, edited by Sophia Vivienne Kottmayer. Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford.  
  • (2011)   Exhuming Monsters: Historical Archaeology and the Monstrous. The Global Journal of Monsters and the Monstrous 1(1):21-31. 
  • (2008)   Book Review. Women’s Work and Identity in Eighteenth Century Brittany (Nancy Locklin). The Sixteenth Century Journal 40(4):1153-1154.
  • (2008)  Book Review. In Contact: Bodies and Spaces in the Sixteenth - and Seventeenth - Century Eastern Woodlands (Diana DiPaolo Loren).  The Sixteenth Century Journal 40(4):1327-1328.
  • (2008)  Crossing the Threshold: Doors and Other Passageways in Tolkien’s Words and Images. In The Ring Goes Ever On: Proceedings of the Tolkien 2005 Conference, edited by Sarah Wells. The Tolkien Society, London.
  • (2006)  What was the Question Again?: The Power of Inquiry Based Learning. In Forum, Journal of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. Helena, Montana.

Works in Progress

  • Pocket Guide for Historic Artifact Dating: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
  • Artifact Analysis in Historical Archaeology
  • Fishing Montana’s Lakes (3 volumes)
  • Introduction to Themes in Literature: An Annotated Dictionary of Literary Works and Their Themes
  • Crossing the Threshold: Passageways in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Words and Images
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