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This is a clearinghouse database for the recordation of magical material culture finds. Anyone who has discovered concealed objects in buildings, structures, or other places; symbols or marks; buried or oddly displayed animal remains; or other objects displayed or situated in a potentially meaningful place is asked to record those discoveries here. You may be an archaeologist, a house renovator or builder, a site demolition person, a historic preservationist, a hobbyist, or someone who has just found something interesting. Whoever you are, your discoveries are important to those specialists attempting to accumulate documented evidence of the historic belief in and practice of magic. By submitting the information about your find(s) to this database, researchers will have access to data they would otherwise be unaware of. 
The database is divided by region; within each region it is further organized by object type.  The database will be updated as new submissions are received.
Please help us document, preserve, and disseminate the valuable and irreplaceable evidence you have discovered that speaks to the fears and hopes of historic people and their attempts to protect and provide for themselves and their families.

Material Culture of Magic Database

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