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Research & Consultation

Archaeological Dig

Whether through the use of historical documentation, site and field reports, artifact collections, or engagement in field work, I assure meticulous, academically rigorous, and thorough coverage of the research topic. (Rate: $75.00/hr)

Anthropological and Archaeological Research

As an instructor of Artifact Analysis courses, curator of the University of Montana’s Anthropological/Archaeological Collections Facility, and author of two forthcoming books on Historic Artifact Analysis (Pocket Guide to Dating Historical Artifacts and Artifact Analysis in Historical Archaeology), I am well-versed in the numerous object and material types encountered in Historical Archaeology and their processing, cataloging, and analysis requirements. ​

Whether it’s one object or an entire site assemblage, I am equipped to undertake the job of processing and analyzing your historical artifacts. I am especially interested in the analysis of artifacts with known or potential ritualistic, religious, or magical functions or interpretations. (Rate: $25/hr)

*Note: I do not offer specialized chemical analysis and dating; these procedures must be contracted through appropriate laboratories.

Historical Artifact Analysis
Ancient Building

Holding an English Education degree in addition to my graduate degrees in Folklore and Mythology and Anthropology and Archaeology, and teaching at various academic levels including developing curriculums, lesson plans, and assessments for over 20 different courses both face-to-face and online, ensures I will bring highly vetted expertise and experience to your educational program.

  • Develop entire course curriculum, lesson plans, and assessment

  • Create lesson plans and/or assessments and assessment tools for existing curriculum

  • Modify existing course(s) and its materials/assessments for remedial instruction

  • Evaluate current curriculum(s) for effectiveness and improvement

  • Develop instructional materials for educators on curriculum development and assessment


(Rates vary depending on project. Contact me to discuss your particular project.)

Curriculum Development and Assessment

My background includes over 25 years of teaching at secondary, two-year college, and university institutions, plus regularly presenting special topic lectures and workshops for classes, museums, and historical and archaeological organizations. Guest lecturing/teaching/workshop rates vary depending on the location and length of engagement, but generally include a stipend for the presentation, mileage or travel expenses, accommodation expenses—if applicable, and per diem. Contact me to discuss your presentation needs.


Lecture/Workshop Topic Areas: Belief Systems (Ritual, Religion, Magic) and their Material Culture; Phenomenology and the Senses; Historical Archaeology; Recording Historic Cemeteries; Artifact Analysis; Museology; Comparative Mythology; Introduction to Archaeology; Introduction to Anthropology; Gender and Archaeology

Examples of past guest lecture presentations:

  • Cultural Sensitivity in Death Notification

  • Indigenous Uses of Non-Traditional Artifacts at a Mid-Fraser Village, British Columbia

  • Embedded Implication of Cultural Worldviews in the Use and Pattern of Magical Material Culture

  • The Material Culture of Gendered Magic as Risk Management Mechanisms

  • Exhuming Monsters: Historical Archaeology and the Monstrous


Guest Lecturing and Teaching
Used Books

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Publication Previewing

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Academic Conference Organizing
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