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As a  highly skilled, professional indexer with a background in archaeology, anthropology, history, belief systems, material culture, and education,  I can create indexes that enhance the value of a publication by providing readers with quick access to its concepts and ideas and to the names of significant people, places, and organizations referenced in the text. Top quality indexes matter to readers, authors, students, reviewers, and publishers. I provide indexes on time and in your preferred format. Contact me for professional indexing of your next book, journal, or other project.​​


Understanding Indexing

   One critical component to a successful book is its index. In fact, many people will approach the text first, and possibly only, through the index, to glean the precise information they need. A poor index often determines whether a book is purchased or read. Indeed, many librarians will not consider adopting a book that lacks an index.
   In most cases, publishers require authors to provide the index—whether they create it themselves or hire a professional indexer. Unfortunately, many authors don’t have time to think about this tool, nor do they realize that indexing a book requires a completely different thought process than writing one.  A well-written index follows formatting conventions and rules generally unknown to authors, and the construction of indexes in all their complexity usually necessitates specially designed software. A professionally done index will save the author time and frustration and significantly enhance the value and marketability of the publication.
The American Society for Indexing's Frequently Asked Questions page has all you need or want to know about the ins and outs of indexing, including:
  • What is Indexing?
  • Who does indexing?
  • How is indexing done?
  • Can't a computer do the indexing?
  • How do indexers price their services?
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